A New Ikea Table with More Storage in 10 Minutes

Have you ever bought some furniture that worked out just fine in the beginning but then needed more functionally for your family? That’s what happened with my beloved Ikea Lack table. I love my lack tables, especially the price. In my household, we have two lack tables in the living room functioning as our coffee tables. They worked great! But when we needed to clear the tops out, we had no where to put the stuff.  So onto Pinterest I went and found my solution.

Hack my Ikea Tables and Add More Storage

So here’s what I needed to add to my existing two lack tables:

  • 2 more Lack tables
  • 1 Gorilla wood glue
  • 10 minutes

First step is to assemble the top table with alternating legs. I used 2 white legs and 2 birch legs with the white top.

After the legs were screwed following the Ikea bubble man instructions, I added glue to the corners of the birch table top.

Then I placed my assembled table on top of the birch table top and wiped off the excess glue with a wet napkin.

I placed a couple of heavy stools on top of them to dry overnight and then they were done.

I was so excited to be able to use the bottom shelf for more storage.  These tables have been perfect during the bible studies that we host in our home.  They have held books, bags, bibles, and of course it became the best playground for my friend, Lauren’s crawling baby. 😎

A New Ikea Table with More Storage in 10 Minutes

If you have an idea for another Ikea Lack Table hack, leave me a comment.  I’d love to see it!

Love, Lucy

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