How to Organize Your Web Content

Hi there!  I just wanted to share a really cool service that I use in my graphic and web designer career.  If you’re like me and love to find cool stuff on the internet, you find tons of cool links but want to be able to view it later.  I usually find free resources online like Free Fonts and want to be able to go through them when I need them.  This is usually where your browser bookmarks come into play.  But then you end up a long list of links that all look alike and don’t really tell you what the page is about.   For example, take a look at my bookmarks down below.  I would need to click and open every single link to find what I was looking for specifically.  Not very helpful.

My ugly list of bookmarks

My ugly list of bookmarks

This is where comes  in.  They have created a way to organize your links by categories.  It super easy to add new links and I can access it from work and home.


Bundlr gives you the perfect way to preview them in a grid view with a preview of what each link content contains.  This is much better than clicking each link in order to find out what is contained.


If you click into one of these links, you can get an in-page preview of the actual webpage.  PLUS, you can cycle through all the links in this category by clicking on the arrows.  Too easy.


That’s about it. I just wanted to share a really cool service that I have been using and hope that it helps make your life just a little bit easier.  Check it out and let me know what you think!  Visit

Until then, take care.

Love, Lucy


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